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This page has colour versions of all the photographs in the printed book (excluding line drawings, charts, and black-and-white photographs).

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For ease of access the photographs are grouped by chapter, with the following links.

Page 3. Beryl viewing van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Crows in Amsterdam from her wheelchair, thirteen years after her stroke

Page 19. Tableau I by Mondrian (1921) on the right, hospital window on the left

Page 22. Beryl with our son Mike on an outing from the rehabilitation unit

Page 39. Beryl in 2001 in animated, if dysphasic, discussion of her writing

Page 58. Beryl in our garden room, looking at the book One Uncommon Woman

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Page 97. The soft toy which Beryl frequently referred to as her little dog

Page 114. A simple still life in acrylics painted by a client at one of the day centres that Beryl attended

Page 116. Quarr Abbey near Fishbourne, Isle of Wight, a quiet place for retreat and respite

Page 133. Beryl enjoying a champagne cream tea in the Signet Library in Edinburgh a month before admission to the care home

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Page 149. View of the English Channel from Beryl’s sitting room in Rushington, West Sussex

Page 150. A tall ship on Southampton Water from Beryl’s sitting room in Southampton

Page 151. From our window: a cruise ship departing plus the bonus of the big top of the Moscow State Circus

Page 152. Candles at St Michael’s Church, Southampton City Centre

Page 153. Still life in the vestibule of Beryl's house

Page 154. Still life with burgundy pitcher in the dining room of Beryl's house

Page 154. Scene of garden table and chairs on a stair landing in Beryl's house

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Page 155. Triptych entitled Torched, Scorched, and Burnt Land from Beryl's garden room and carehome room

Page 156. An Australian billabong with gum trees, from Beryl's garden room and carehome room

Page 157. A wood scene from Beryl's sitting room and carehome room

Page 158. Beryl in Monument Valley, Arizona – taken inside a tour coach

Page 158. Beryl’s treats in Venice – gondola rides, this from 2009

Page 159. Harvest with Blue Cart, by Vincent Van Gogh,

Page 160. Symphony in White, No. 2: The Little White Girl, by James Abbott McNeill Whistler, 1864

Page 161. Interior, by Villem Hammershøi, 1898

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Page 162. Beryl with one of Claude Monet's Waterlily paintings in the Orangerie in Paris

Page 162. Beryl with one of Louise Bourgeois's metal spiders at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Page 162. Beryl with one of Louise Bourgeois's metal spiders at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh

Page 163. Beryl with a self portrait of Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco in 2010

Page 164. Beach scene in Beryl's dining room and carehome room

Page 165. Amish country embroidered by Beryl, in her boudoir and in her carehome room

Page 165. Small reproduction of Rublev's icon in Beryl's boudoir and her carehome room

Page 166. The albatross flying close to the waves, outside Beryl’s carehome room

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Page 189. Beryl walking the labyrinth in Grace Cathedral in San Francisco in 2010