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the website for a selection of writing by Stuart and Beryl Donnan
in Southampton UK, and links to the wider Donnan family

A selection of Stuart's personal writings (over the years since Beryl's stroke in 2000) can be viewed from the links below.

Related to Beryl's stroke

  • Words fail me (written March 2004):  view here

  • Lost for words (written December 2004):  view here

  • Spiritual direction with few words (written December 2004):  view here

  • The Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco (written in 2011):  view here


  • Merry global warming:  view here

  • The future of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers):  view here

And also

  • End-of-year thoughts (written with Beryl each year since her stroke):  view here

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